Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dr Visit

Elliott had her 4 month Well Child Visit on Thursday. Here are her stats:

24.72 Inches - 59%
12.7 Pounds - 18%
40.7 Head - 35%

She is kinda shrimpy. Tall and Skinny, like her mom USED TO BE, which brings me to my next point.

I went shopping Thursday. Ugh. I used to love shopping, couldn't get enough of it actually. That was back when I was a size 2, and could wear anything I wanted.

Now, I am NOT a size 2, and have to worry about things hiding my muffin top, and making sure shirts can fit over this chest of mine (not that I am complaining about that) :)

I shopped, and bought a few things, none of which were from Banana Republic. It is the end of an era, my friends. I bought a few items at a fun, young, hip store, which I will be taking back because even a few sizes bigger still didn't fit. I have graduated to the Ladies Department, congrats to me. Ugh.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lake Mead

We survived.

We had a great time.

We are glad to be home.

Day 1 - Absolutely perfect weather. Elliott fought her life jacket a bit, but after just a few minutes she would fall asleep. Josh skied first thing, and hurt his ankle again. He skied a few more times and convinced himself it felt better and better. Elliott and I mostly stayed on the beach under the shade. E didn't have to wait long for
someone to come play with her.

Day 2 - HOT HOT HOT. So hot, Elliott was miserable most the day. We stripped her down to her onesie and she even got a little dip. She was such a funny napper. She would nap completely spread eagle on the blanket and didn't want to move for anything. We stayed in the shade on the beach the whole day, and when we got home, E had a very red face. It couldn't possibly have been a sunburn, so it must have been a heat rash or something. Whatever it was, it was sure cute. :) Our Sweet hotel had a sweet Seafood buffet. Josh and Dave ate their weight in mussels and clams. Poor Dave paid for it all night, while the Quincy's slept through it all.

Day 3 - Jill brought Carter and Kinney out and took E and me back. It was a horribly windy day, and I wasn't about to do another day on the hot beach with the baby. Thanks to Jill we had a great day, and even got some Father's Day shopping done. :) Later that night the brave boaters came home to Jill's for some Buffalo Wild Wings and Olivia's first ever homemade brownies. They were delicious; Nunn would be proud!

We really had a good time, and I am glad to have the first ever boat trip under my belt. I was really nervous on how it would go, and we did just fine. I will be forever grateful to my mom who did this all the time. I sure wish she was here to tell me how she did it! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

4 Months

My baby is 4 Months old today. I can't believe it.


  • Elliott Rolls! She rolled for the first time Friday hanging out with her dad. To see video, link here

  • Meg is CRAZY busy at work, and did a 60 mile bike ride Saturday. It was the Goldilocks ride, and it was so much fun. Hard, cause I am totally out of shape, but I am so glad Kwlli and Jill pushed me to finish with them. It was worth it.

  • Josh got to waterski for the first time this season

We got the boat out last week for the first time. We are headed to Lake Mead on Wednesday, so Josh wanted to make sure everything was ok first. We had so much fun! We went with some of our friends (yes, we actually have Davis County friends) and then had some yummy tacos to celebrate Cindo De Mayo.

Now, we are off to Lake Mead on Wednesday for the rest of the week. Hope the baby likes it! :)