Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some Family Photos

We had plans to have some family pictures done, but there was a little miscommunication, so they didn't happen.  We were literally all dressed up with no place to go, and if you know Josh, this NEVER happens! :)  So, we made a quick phone call to a good friend, and Missy was here in a jiff with her trusty camera.  We totally owe Missy, she even had to get dressed to come over. 

We had picked a really cool place but because we were running out of time and daylight, we headed to the River in Riverdale. 

I am very happy with what came of them, how could they not look good, look who is in them, right? :)  We (ok, me) were freezing, so we did a quick photo shoot, and back in the car we went. 

These will look familiar to you come Christmas Card time, just with a little UMPH.  Thanks to another great friend at work, we got a little touch up in photo shop. 


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Sick Little Monkey

 Elliott with her "nana (banana) purse", as she called it.

Man, crappy timing for Elliott this year.  She started coughing a couple days before Halloween, and on the big night she was not a happy camper.  Poor girl.  She wanted to go outside with all the kids so bad, so we dressed her up, loaded her with Tylenol and went to a couple neighbors houses.  The weather was so nice, we couldn't pass it up.  She tried so hard to get into the Trick or Treating thing, but just didn't have the energy.  Next year. 

Josh and I outdid ourselves again this year with our pumpkins.  Problem was, we carved them Monday night, and by Wednesday night they had shriveled up like old men.  That's ok, you still got the point.  Here they are at their finest:
Josh did Jack from "Nightmare Before Christmas"

My Masterpiece.  Elliott was thrilled. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Moab and my silly Elliott

Josh and I headed to Moab a couple weeks ago with some friends of his from work.  Josh recently bought a new Mountain Bike, so we wanted to do some riding, but we also went down to hike the Blue John Slot Canyon.  Made infamous by Aron Ralston when his arm was wedged between a rock and after a few days he cut it off with a pocket knife.  Thankfully, we didn't see any severed limbs on our expedition, in fact, we never made it to the actual site.  After a 3.5 mile trek to the slot canyon, we were losing daylight and warm temps fast, so at the 40 ft Rappel, known also as the Point of No Return, we turned back, and did our own 40 ft Rappel back in to the canyon at the start point.  Thankfully, it had rained cats and dogs the day before, so the canyon was full of water and standing pools.  Needless to say, we didn't stay dry for long.  Within the first 5 minutes, my shoes were soaked, and then the bottoms of my pants, and then my knees and so forth, until we were up to our chests in FREEZING cold water.   Overall, it was a fantastic trip, and I can't wait to go back.  I don't know what it is about Moab, but I freaking love that place. :)

The boys, minus Ray
After the Adventure
My Silly Elliott is getting bigger and bigger.  In a couple weeks she will be 22 months!  I can't believe we have made it this long. :)  Time really does go fast.  She is so funny, and makes us laugh everyday.  She is talking more and more each day, and tries to mimic us, except for "Love You", which ticks her dad right off.  He tries every night before she goes to bed, and she just waves bye to him.  We think she is doing it on purpose. :)

She loves her baby, which was supposed to be a Christmas present, but I am a sucker.  She carries it around, and even put her in her crib yesterday for a nap.  Then tells me "SHHH" and we walk out of the room, not without turning on the humidifier first though.  She is eating pretty well, and has decided the things she likes best.  She is a girl of my own heart, as she will choose a piece of bread or a roll over just about anything else.  She also likes, Gummy Worms, Sticks of Butter (which if she can get her grubby hands on one, there is a fight to get it away from her!) Oreos (who doesn't?) and many other Not So Good For Her items.  Ah, she will survive, I'm sure.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Look Familiar?

Thanks to Grandma Chris and Jonathan, we got this little beauty.  Jonathan calls these his "Nerd" glasses.  This is a trip down memory lane, friends.  I swear I had those glasses in the 3rd Grade.  You think I'm kidding, check it out:

Told you so.  In fact, I think mine are bigger.  Think this is bad?  You should have seen Troy's glasses in the 3rd Grade... :)

Poor Elliott, her future will probably include some of these, but until then, she looks pretty darn cute, I have to admit. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quincy Family Reunion

ALL the Quincys, and I mean all, even Joni for a few hours, got together over Labor Day and headed up to Pineview.  We stayed at Wolf Creek, and had so much fun all being together.  We had Just Dance tournaments, played at the Eden Park, did a little early morning waterski :) and even got to go swimming before the pool closed.  We also had some family pictures taken, and I think they turned out pretty great!  Mostly because of the cool family we have. :) 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lagoon, Red Boots and Ponytails

Every year my work does a Summer party at Lagoon.  Last year E was just a little thing, so this year was a lot more fun.  We got to take her on Odyssey, and she got a little wet, a couple kiddie rides and the merry-go-round.  Don't mind my funny/fake smile in the picture, I was really having fun... E however, really liked it.  She was pretty content to do just about anything.  We took her into Lagoon A Beach, and she was in Heaven.  Boy, does this kid love the water.  I'm in trouble.

E got some new Red Boots for Quincy family pictures this week, and she can't get enough of them.  She brings them to me and says, "boots".  As you can see, she will wear them with anything, actually, she will wear just about anything.  That is a 3-6 month Elmo onesie I got for a baby shower.  She thinks it is a great T Shirt.  This girl has a mind of her own.

We have ponytail!!  She absolutely hates it, but I can't resist, it is SO CUTE!  She reaches up and grabs it, and says "ow, ow", but she eventually forgets about it.  As you can see, she is thrilled.

She is starting to say a lot of things.  She picks something up almost everyday, I swear.  My new favorite is "Thank You".  I must say it to her a lot, cause she says it after she does anything.   She still absolutely loves Elmo.  First thing she says when she wakes up is "Elmo?".  We watch a lot of Elmo at our house, mostly she just wants it on while she plays with her toys.

Elliott starts Day Care at my neighbors house next week.  I have been fighting with myself about this for months now, but the working at home thing with an almost two year old is NOT working.  It is impossible, actually.  Especially my almost two year old, who can't seem to do anything by herself.  I also think she needs some social interaction.  Mom is cool and all, but she needs to be around other kids her own age.  (see my justification?)  She is going to go for 4 hours Tuesday mornings.  If that works out, then I will put her in every other Thursday morning.  We will see how it goes. 

We are all happy at our house.  Elliott is growing bigger, and starting to figure out the eating thing.  We still have our weeks and days where she chooses to eat very little, but for the most part I think that is pretty common with Toddlers.  I am busy at work, and Josh is watersking as much as possible.  We are sad to see the days getting cooler, as we are every year.  We sure do love the summertime!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Daddy's Hat" Photoshoot

Elliott loves her dad, and loves anything that he does.  He had his gross, dirty, stinky hats out the other night, but E didn't care.  She wanted in on the action.  I snapped picture after picture, and almost all of them were darling, so here we go with about a gazillion pictures of E wearing her dad's nasty hat!

I love this one of Josh and Elliott.  I sure do love these two, stinky hats and all!


We got to go to Cowabunga Bay with Grandma Chris and Jonathan on Friday.  Elliott had a blast!  This girl really loves the water and loves the big slide even more!I was nervous about taking her down it, but she giggled the whole way down, and laughed even harder the second time.  Josh was at Scout Camp, so he didn't get to join in the fun.  We sure did miss our dad! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Elliott's Accident

Saturday we went to Willard with some friends.  It was pretty breezy, and a little chilly, so we didn't spend much time in the water,  Tim, Josh's friend, decided to try to waterski for the first time.  We got him set up and he basically got up first try.  Second try, wasn't so successful.  As he was dragging behind the boat, he let go of the rope and it shot all the way into the boat, and the handle hit poor Elliott in the mouth/cheek.  She had a binkie in her mouth, and the impact shattered it!  The poor thing immediately swelled up like a balloon, and the binkie had cut just under her nose when it broke.  She was a mess!  When I saw the swelling, I knew our trip was done, and off we went to the marina to load up and head to the Instacare just down the road.  Poor Tim, he felt awful.  It was such a freak accident, I couldn't believe it! 

Elliott screamed the whole way back, and finally feel asleep on the way to the Instacare.  I was very grateful, because there is not a worse feeling in this world then seeing your child in pain, and not being able to do anything about it.  As soon as we got to the Instacare, they gave her some Ibuprofen for the pain and swelling, and we glued the cut under her nose.  Her poor little mouth was so swollen, we couldn't tell if she had any teeth left.  Her gums had swollen over her teeth!  I was so worried about her poor face and cheek bones, that I wanted Xrays.  We did the Xray (after strapping her to a board, and holding her head in place, it was AWFUL) and the results couldn't have been better.  Nothing broken, nothing damaged, all teeth accounted for and in place, and just some swelling.  I was so relieved!

 While sitting at the Instacare.  Doesn't she look miserable?

 After she woke up from her nap after we got home.  About 4 hours after the accident.  Chris and Richard came up to see the carnage, and to give her a blessing.  I was so thankful!

 Sunday morning.  Still swollen, and a little bloody, but better

This morning.  Almost all better, yay!

She is doing MUCH better today, and her glue is starting to come off.  The swelling is completely gone, and she isn't even on pain meds anymore.  She is such a trooper.  I am so proud of her!

A Walk in the Woods

It was too windy and cold to go out in the boat two weeks ago, so we decided to go for a little hike.  We got the backpack out and headed to Adams Canyon, up in Fruit Heights.  It was so beautiful!  Elliott absolutely loved everything about the hike, except the backpack.  She wanted to walk too!  She couldn't get enough of the trees, sand, dirt, rocks, stream, etc.  She loved everything about it. 

It was so fun, and reminds me how much I love to have these fun little adventures with E.  It is so fun to see her explore and see new things. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm getting so big!

I can't believe how old Elliott is getting.  I swear just yesterday she was a brand new baby.  She really likes to sit up at the counter (safe, I know) and help mom with dinner, dishes, or whatever.  She really likes to play in the sink, which has become a very bad habit...  This girl LOVES the water.  We are so proud. :)  She loves the sink, the bathtub, the hose, the pool outside or anything else that contains water.  We took her to the ski lake for the first time this year last weekend, and she was immediately neck deep in the water.  I am going to have to keep an eye on this girl!

OK moms, I need advice.  Elliott is not a good eater.  I realize most Toddlers are not.  Mealtimes totally stress me out.  I hate making dinner anyway, but now I feel like I have to try to figure out things she will eat and want to eat, which makes dinner even worse!  So, let me know if your Toddlers were picky eaters, and HOW you made it through.  I have recently done a bunch a research, and have realized the amount of food they need is really much smaller than expected.  That makes me feel better, but the days she only eats Goldfish crackers and Gogurt makes me crazy!  She is drinking no more than 16 ounces of milk a day, so I know she isn't filling up on that. And, she is still on a bottle (I know, it is time to take it away) because some days I feel that is the only nutrition she is getting!  Anyway, let me know if you had the same problem.  It would be nice to know I am not alone. :)

Josh bought this new beauty last week.  He has decided he wants a FUN car, not just something to get from here to there.  It is a 1991, and he had to basically put the thing together, so the fun car didn't come too expensive.  It is actually a really fun car to drive, and a convertible is always fun, so I think the objective was met.  I do still think it is totally a chick car. :)