Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some Family Photos

We had plans to have some family pictures done, but there was a little miscommunication, so they didn't happen.  We were literally all dressed up with no place to go, and if you know Josh, this NEVER happens! :)  So, we made a quick phone call to a good friend, and Missy was here in a jiff with her trusty camera.  We totally owe Missy, she even had to get dressed to come over. 

We had picked a really cool place but because we were running out of time and daylight, we headed to the River in Riverdale. 

I am very happy with what came of them, how could they not look good, look who is in them, right? :)  We (ok, me) were freezing, so we did a quick photo shoot, and back in the car we went. 

These will look familiar to you come Christmas Card time, just with a little UMPH.  Thanks to another great friend at work, we got a little touch up in photo shop. 


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Sick Little Monkey

 Elliott with her "nana (banana) purse", as she called it.

Man, crappy timing for Elliott this year.  She started coughing a couple days before Halloween, and on the big night she was not a happy camper.  Poor girl.  She wanted to go outside with all the kids so bad, so we dressed her up, loaded her with Tylenol and went to a couple neighbors houses.  The weather was so nice, we couldn't pass it up.  She tried so hard to get into the Trick or Treating thing, but just didn't have the energy.  Next year. 

Josh and I outdid ourselves again this year with our pumpkins.  Problem was, we carved them Monday night, and by Wednesday night they had shriveled up like old men.  That's ok, you still got the point.  Here they are at their finest:
Josh did Jack from "Nightmare Before Christmas"

My Masterpiece.  Elliott was thrilled.