Friday, July 17, 2009

Here she is!

Ok, here it is, the new addition to the Quincy family. We are so excited!!

Adam, Summer and Noah came over to check it out. Ok, they came Outside to check it out..... Noah found his spot right away. Madison had to help each time though, just he just isn't big enough yet to take the cushions off.

Here is Josh. In the "New Boat Daze"

Troy's Kids. I think they liked it the best!

Josh bought a life jacket that fit Eli perfect. So, he told us all that this was his life jacket, but that he had to keep it in the boat. Don't worry, he took that tag/booklet off and told his mom to keep it safe for him. That had all he needed to know to go in the boat. It was darling.

We are so excited for our new toy, but I have come to find out that with a new toy such as this, comes more and more new toys.....surfboards, life jackets, ski boots, travel cover, etc...and with all these comes more spending $$$$! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Burley, Idaho and a lot of miscommunication

So, we didn't get the boat, not yet anyway... Some things still have to be worked out, and with the weekend, it really screwed things up. But alas, we still had a great time.

We got to spend some time with Ang and her wonderful family, in their beautiful home. It is so fun to spend time with good old friends, and be able to catch up. I love that she has horses, and LAND, and even a half a cow. Here is a conversation we had. Proves things are a little different in Burley/Declo/Sprinville, or where ever it is you live. :)

Meg: Where's Nate?

Ang: Out moving the Handlines

Meg: Oh, where are THEY moving to?

Ang: You don't know what those are, do you?

Meg: Oh, guess not. I thought they were your neighbors.

Ang: No Meg, they are sprinklers.

Nate was out rocking the rubber boots and moving the sprinklers in their "pasture", and loving every minute of it. I am so glad Ang and Nate are so happy. They are such wonderful people. Thanks again for letting us crash on your air mattress for the night. :)

We did finally get to drive the boat, and we loved every single thing about it. Hopefully sometime this week we will have a new addition.