Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boat Show 2012 and Our Trip to Vegas

Last week we made our annual trip to the Boat Show. This was the first year Josh didn't go with friends, instead he got stuck with his wife and baby. :) I think it was ok. We weren't sure if Elliott would remember the boat, so we put her in one just like ours to make sure. Yep, she remembered, especially the drivers seat where all the buttons are. She thought it was great, and seemed at home. I take this as a good sign. Another reason to look forward to Summer! We found out at the Boat Show that there is going to be a ski lake community about 2 miles from our house. It would be an absolute dream for us to live on a lake, especially a ski lake. We got the info, but I think this will continue to be a dream...home lots are a little out of our price range. :) Maybe one day.

Friday we packed up and headed to Sunny Las Vegas. We had planned going to visit the Johnson's President's Day Weekend, but Jill called and needed a babysitter for the weekend before. We obliged, and went a week early. To start off, I don't know how Jill does it! 5 kids was enough to put me in the crazy house! The weekend was sure busy, but we had a lot of fun. I wish we could have stayed a little longer, and maybe got to spend some time with Jill and Aaron. Thanks for letting us visit, Jill! Now Josh and I get a weekend away while you watch 6 kids, right? :)

Elliott did great on the drive. She loved playing with all the kids. and was in Heaven with Gracie at her beck and call.

Here is Elsie screaming "Elliott". They all swear she doesn't normally do this, but I think Aaron taught her this on purpose. :)

Here is Elliott on a trampoline for the first time. Elliott LOVED to be outside. It was like 70 degrees.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Elliott is 1!

I know I'm like a month late, but oh well. Things at our house have been crazy! Elliott is trying to walk, and climbing on everything! We got new furniture a few weeks ago, and Elliott loves it! She loves she can crawl from one end all the way to other and has to play with the pillows along the way.

Besides learning to walk, Elliott is getting bigger. Not in weight so much. At her 1 year appointment, she was in the 1%. The Dr. was a little concerned, due to the fact that she has been consistently about 3%, and this dip worried her a little. We are doing monthly weight checks until we can her weight back up. Until then, Elliott is on a High Fat diet, which is great for Elliott, but so great for mom, considering I have to finish whatever she doesn't...

Our Ward recently split, and we are so sad! We lost of bunch of good friends, but I am sure will gain a whole bunch more. Josh got called as the new Young Men's President. He will do a wonderful job, I know it. Josh is great with the youth.

I am extremely busy with work, housework and Elliott, but I love every minute of it. Hopefully I will start to slow down at work a little.

Elliott had a wonderful birthday, and got really spoiled from everyone. Thank you all for coming up and spending the evening with E on her big day. We love you all so much!

We had a Poop/tub incident. One of the funniest and most disgusting moments of my life, and Josh too. He was so grossed out, and couldn't believe his life had to come to straining poop out of the the bathtub. We laughed so hard the whole time, and hours after. Elliott didn't care, she got to play in the sink!