Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lake Mead 2012

Lake Mead 2012 was a complete success!  That is, after a 100 degree day, where Elliott refused to eat or drink anything, but we got through it.  (Let's not forget to mention how much of a crazy mom I am, and over react, a little, sometimes) Friday and Saturday were much better days, and we had a great time!

Elliott on the other hand was just fine.  Great, in fact, and seemed to love most of it.  The boat, the beach, the water, the sand, the blanket, the people, you name it, she loved it.  Well, if mom was close by, that is. :)  We are going through a very clingy phase.  I hope it passes quickly.

We took some great friends with us, who were in Hawaii for a week, flew to Vegas from Hawaii to meet us at the lake.  We had so much fun!  Thanks for coming Steve and Missy!

Mom and Elliott after a swim in the lake
Elliott's first swim break!
          How could I do a post about Lake Mead without including a picture of the whole reason we go.  Here is Josh, isn't he amazing?
Steve and Missy LeBlanc.  Great Friends! Steve happened to be the one who talked Josh into the crazy Moab race a few weeks ago.  We still like him though. :)