Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This better not be a teaser

I know we all love the Spring weather, but I REALLY love the Spring weather! I have come to absolutely hate winter, and this year was no different. Why do we still in live in Utah???

On a happier note, things around here are great! Elliott seems to be growing...finally, and WALKING. She is almost running! She is still a very picky eater. This picky eater thing is so weird. I don't know where she got it from. Josh and I will eat just about anything. In fact, we do, almost every night when I make dinner. :)

Speaking of dinner, I tried my hand at some Nasi the other night. It is a Dutch dish my mom used to make. It takes a weird Asian sweet soy sauce (Dutch, Asian Soy Sauce, I know) which I had to find at the scary Asian market in Sunset. The dish takes 5 onions. 5 Onions, really? I don't think my house will ever smell the same. In fact, it kinda smells like the scary Asian market in Sunset...

Josh put in a heater in our boat. (remember, the whole winter/cold thing) We are very excited to give it a try. He had to do a pretty custom job so we hope it doesn't leak. After 5 or 6 trips to Home Depot, Auto Zone and Fred's Marine, he is confident it will work like a charm. Elliott and I sure hope so. Even May in Lake Mead can bring some chilly evenings. We are all very excited for our trip to Lake Mead this year.

I have decided, the older Elliott gets, a better mom I become. I don't mean good mom like she knows her ABC's and she eats 5 servings of Fruit and Veggies a day and only organic (props to you moms, btw) but I am becoming less crazy. The baby stage freaking freaks me out! I feel like I can be more flexible, and have a little more freedom. She is becoming more independent, and is becoming a lot of fun. Josh I love to just sit and watch her figure things out. She tried to eat my toes the other night, she puts things (mostly iPod Cords) around her neck like a necklace, she loves her black velvet shoes the best, and can pick them out of her shoe basket, she likes to push the shopping cart at the store (which only her dad lets her do), and she loves to type on the keyboard and use the mouse. What can I say, she is a genius!