Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yuba Lake

We went to Yuba a couple weekends ago with some of Josh's work friends. We were the only ones without a trailer, and Yuba is always super hot, so Josh rented us a trailer from base. It was SOOOO nice to have air conditioning. The baby and I were especially grateful. :)

We had a fun time, except, notice every picture of the baby is in the trailer... that's because we couldn't go outside. It was so horribly WINDY the WHOLE TIME! It even blew our boat loose in the middle of the night, so Josh had to go rescue it in the dark!

The trip only got better on our way home. Braden (Josh's cousin) towed our boat down so Josh could tow the trailer. As we were coming home, we waved goodbye to Braden as he exited the freeway in Riverton, and about 106th South, some very nice people were waving and pointing at our trailer. Josh suspected it to be just a cap that had come loose, and was surprised to find it wasn't as we were stopped on the side of the freeway at 90th South. Somehow, the Entire fresh water tank, yes, we made sure it was FRESH water, had come loose, and was dragging underneath the trailer on the freeway. We had spilled roughly 30 gallons of water on the freeway! Awesome. Thankfully I am married to the smartest fellow I know, who fixed it up nice, and away we went. We decided we are not the trailering type, and will just stick to the boat for a while. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cousin Elsie comes to visit

A couple weeks back, Jill went to Girls Camp. She divided up her kids between the Noorda's, Johnson's, Leyba's and a Church History Trip. At one point, her kids were spread across the United States! Lucky for us, we got to have Elsie come stay for a couple days. That was after we had to pry her out of Troy's hands. :)

It was so much fun to have two babies! They definitely kept me on my toes, but they are both so well behaved that really it wasn't that bad. Summer, you are my hero. These two are only 4 months apart, so they are so close, but at this age, so different!

Elsie REALLY liked Elliott's face and eyes. She tried to grab them at every chance. She also really liked her binkies since they are different than hers. In fact, we had to give her her own while she was here, and we had to share the binky leash.

Elliott REALLY liked Elsie, and wanted to be around her at all times. Elsie didn't think this was too cool at first, but slowly warmed up to her.

Elsie taught Elliott how to do "Biggest Girl" (sort of) and Elliott taught Elsie how to successfully poo out of every possible diaper. :)

We had so much fun, and can't wait to get to watch her again, or at least play with her again soon!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

6 months!

Elliott turned 6 months on Saturday! I can't believe it. 6 months of baby is WAY better (and faster) than 6 months of pregnancy!

Elliott is sitting up really well. We still have the occasional tip over, which usually leads to a whimper or two.

She is getting really interested in things like remote, phones, ipods, other electronic devices we don't want her to have.

She is sucking on EVERYTHING! No teeth yet, but I am sure they are on the way.

She got a cold a few weeks back, and just hasn't been able to kick this cough, so, the dr. thinks she has the remnants of a sinus infection. She is on antibiotics (you know moms, the yummy bubble gum flavored stuff) and she LOVES it! In fact, she gets mad when it is all gone.

She is eating solids. Rice, Oatmeal and fruits and veggies. Everything I have given her she has inhaled. She loves to eat, that's my girl!

6 Month Stats:

25.20 Inches 32%

13 pounds 15 ounces 14%

42cm head 38%

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Day at the Lake

We spent a few hours at the ski lake today. I got some shots. Thought I would share.

Isn't she cute in her swimsuit?!

Josh hates my hat. What's the verdict?