Monday, March 29, 2010

New News!

We bought a house! Yay!

I know everyone is wondering what happened with the building idea. It just wasn't the right thing for us right now. We decided, (we being mostly ME) that it might be best for us just to buy something, get the $8,000 tax credit, live in it a few years, and then build. It took Josh a day or two, but once he fell in the love with the third car garage of the house we bought, he saw my way. :)

So, we bought a cute rambler on the border of Clearfield and Layton. I say the border, because it is! We put an offer on a house two blocks away, and it was Layton. This house is actually in Clearfield (which I am a little nervous about). Anyone from Davis County, your comments are welcome. I am new to the Davis County area, so fill me in! It seems to be a great neighborhood, and the houses are fairly new and updated. We will see. Anyway, the house is awesome! It is a rambler, with a mostly finished basement, a third car garage, and LOTS of grass! It has a little garden area in the backyard, and even came with a swing set! Bring on the kids! :)

Anyway, so that's the story. We are really excited! Both Josh and I have worked so hard for this, and can't wait to get out of Carl's basement. We love Carl, and will miss him, but it is time.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us with this decision. If anyone needs an awesome Realtor, let me know!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Good news!

I got some good news this morning, I was asked to accept a job offer within my company, but with higher pay and more opportunity! I decided to turn it way! I accepted, and I start immediately. I'm excited to have more responsibility and to work on some new accounts, however, I am also sad to be leaving some GREAT people I worked with. Guess the good comes with the bad. The good thing though, I will continue to see those people almost everyday.

House Update: Plans are to the bank with cost breakdown from CSM Construction. Appraisal will be done today, and to us by Wednesday, so we can hopefully close on our lot on Friday. Plans should be picked up and ready to go this week, and we will get them off to Layton City for permits.

Angela, Ashlyn and Bonnie Hill met us out at our lot yesterday. This was the first time I have seen our lot without a foot of snow. It was exciting. We also broke into the house next door, and realized they have very good taste. Their floor plan is almost identical to ours! What are the odds when we all have different architects and builders? Anyway, we have yet to meet them, but I am sure they will be totally awesome. :)

Thanks again Ang for coming out. It really meant a lot to Josh and I to have you be so excited for us! I'm so happy Layton will be a lot closer to Clinton!

Monday, March 1, 2010

If I can't build a house, I will sew

I made this. From a pattern I got free online. Once i figure out where I got it, I will link it.

This is a little dress for a little someone who's bday I missed in February. Good thing we are visiting Las Vegas this weekend so I can give it to her! I can't wait! I think I might need a Meg sized one. :)

(If anyone is wondering, this is from Heather Bailey's, Nicey Jane fabric line. Oh how I love Heather Bailey! Also, I got a super good deal on this fabric off eBay, which makes it even sweeter!)

This is not from a free pattern online, but a free book I borrow from Mary Yang. He is missing his tongue, but it won't be long until he is done. This one might be for one of the MANY of my friends who are prego. There are like a hundred of you, seriously. :)

Just an update on the house. Still waiting on plans. Hopefully they will be to engineering this week, and we can start all the bank stuff. We had to extend our contract on the land since we don't have our funding yet. We are working as fast as we can though, too bad we just have to wait on other people. Anyhow, once we get the plans done, I will post pics. I am getting more and more excited with each little step!