Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A lot of catching up!

Wow, it has been a while.

Things have changed around our house, Elliott is rolling ALL OVER, and should be crawling soon. She can go from sitting to her tummy, gets frustrated, and rolls over. She has discovered she can roll herself anywhere she wants to go. My favorite is when she is on her back and pushes herself with her legs. It's hilarious. She turned 8 months last Friday. I can't believe it. Time flies. AND, she has two teeth!

We just returned from a Quincy family reunion in San Antonio. We had a great time! Elliott started to not feel well on the plane on the way there, and had a temp of 103 while we were there. We found a clinic, took her in, only for them to tell us it is a virus. She continued with the fever until Saturday night, and is still a little out of sorts. I did take my camera, only to find the battery was dead. Darn. We saw the Alamo, visited Sea World, went to Schlitterbahn Waterpark (well, everyone but me, E and Grandma Jones) and had an all around awesome time together. It was wonderful. Thanks to Chris and Richard for everything!