Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some projects...

This is what I have been working on the last few weeks.

This was my very first project I started. It will be a lap quilt, once I get the motivation to put the back on, and learn how to bind.
This is a from a bunch of Orange fabric I was collecting. I thought it turned out pretty cute. Pretty bright. I was thinking a cute bright green fabric for the back, but I haven't found anything I can't live without yet.

This I finished last night. I am SUPER happy with it. It started out a quilt top, then pillows, and finally, a table runner. I really really love it. It is Sonnet, by Moda, and I can't wait to put the back on.

Totally off the project subject, we got to celebrate Gretta's 3rd birthday with her at Classic Skating. Thanks to me, she finally got her jump on, and then wouldn't get off the scooter. :) It as so fun to spend time with the kids. I just love them!

Monday, January 25, 2010

To build or not build?

We want a house. We are tired Carl's basement, although I love Carl, I just don't love that which is his basement.

So, since Josh has recently finished school, and has joined the ranks of the full time employed, we have decided to get a move on.

We first looked at existing homes. A LOT. A lot of short sales and foreclosures. (since that is about all that is available these days) We saw lots of "Fixer-uppers" and some that only needed minimal work, BUT, we decided, hey, if we are going to do work, we might as well do the whole enchilada!

So, we have enlisted the help of a VERY well qualified, and gifted home builder, and are trying to get things started.

First on the list, Lot. We have two picked out. One in Syracuse, which is actually a really nice neighborhood. Not super far west (that was one of my stipulations) and not within miles of power lines. Will someone from Davis County please tell me the need for SO many power lines??? About half the lots we have looked at have a gigantic power station in the yard. What is the deal? Anyway, the other lot is in East Layton. A little far North, but BEAUTIFUL! Just west of Hwy 89, it has great views, and a 20 minute commute to Pineview. If you haven't already figured it out, this one is by far Josh's favorite...

It is so much fun to think about building our "own" house, but as soon as I think how fun it is, I think how freaking scary it is! I may like to spend a few $$ at Banana Republic here and there, but forking out the $$$$$$$ it takes to buy a lot, build a house, and pay your monthly Mortgage is another thing entirely!

Thanks to my very awesome brother for being so willing to help. Thanks also to my sisters who have to listen to me whine and have to keep reassuring me everything is going to be alright. :) Thankfully, they are all seasoned pros at this house building/buying thing. Although they are wonderful substitutes, I do still wish my mom was here to walk me through this.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We're Back!

We survived. Barely.

The cruise was wonderful, a little cold, and a little uneventful, but still had a lot of fun.

Day 1:

After our three, yes, 3 connecting flights, we and our baggage made it. It was a REALLY long day. We finally got to our hotel about 2am. Whew!

Day 2:

Sleep, South Beach, and boarding the ship.

Day 3:

Freeport/Grand Bahama Island. COLD COLD COLD! It was WINDY, and COLD, so no water fun for us this day. We took a cab to the local marketplace, walked through some random hotel and found the beach. Only to dare put our feet in. Hey, I thought we were in the Bahamas???

Day 4:

Nassau/Paradise Island. This was supposed to be the day to swim with the sting-rays, but again, TOO COLD. Darn. So, we gave in and took a glass bottom boat. It was the closest to snorkeling without actually having to get in the water! After a few short minutes looking at the bottom of the ocean, we headed over to Paradise Island and visited the Atlantis. What a cool resort! We went to the aquarium and did a little exploring of the place. Pretty cool. After, we walked over to Nassau and tasted the local fare of Conch salad. Weird. I opted for some fried shrimp, and they were De-Licous!

Day 5:

Great Stirrup Cay. Our Best weather day by far. 70, and that felt warm. In fact, I even got away with a little sunburn on my chest and nose, which are now both peeling. Love the arid, dryness that is Utah. We snorkeled and saw some Lion Fish, Star Fish and even a Jelly Fish! Thanks to some good advise from one of the cruise crew members, we missed out on having to pay the $30 snorkel fee by hiking a half a mile to the "nude" beach. :)

Day 6:

We got off the boat early, rented a car, and drove down to the Everglades. We visited the Everglades Alligator Farm, and it was great! We rode in an airboat, got soaked, I held a baby alligator, etc. This was probably one of our most fun days, and we didn't even have to leave the country for it!

Day 7:

We made it home, but our luggage did not. Not until 1:30am the next morning, thanks to United Airlines, and their speed recovery services.

I am glad to be back, I know, crazy, but really! Keli and Sean and the kids picked us up from the airport, and it just reminded me of how glad I am they are back! It is so nice to have my family close. Now, If we can just convince Jill..... :)