Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Daddy's Hat" Photoshoot

Elliott loves her dad, and loves anything that he does.  He had his gross, dirty, stinky hats out the other night, but E didn't care.  She wanted in on the action.  I snapped picture after picture, and almost all of them were darling, so here we go with about a gazillion pictures of E wearing her dad's nasty hat!

I love this one of Josh and Elliott.  I sure do love these two, stinky hats and all!


We got to go to Cowabunga Bay with Grandma Chris and Jonathan on Friday.  Elliott had a blast!  This girl really loves the water and loves the big slide even more!I was nervous about taking her down it, but she giggled the whole way down, and laughed even harder the second time.  Josh was at Scout Camp, so he didn't get to join in the fun.  We sure did miss our dad!