Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Elliott!

January 9, 2013 was Elliott's 2nd Birthday!  I can't believe she is two!  If you ask, sometimes she will say, I'm 2, but only if you are lucky. :)  She can't do two fingers on one hand yet, so we just use both pointer fingers to show 2.  We are working on it.

Wednesday was her birthday, and was also a Grandma day, so Elliott got to spend her real birthday with Grandma again! I let her open one gift before we left, and it was an Elmo Potty Seat.  She had to take it in the car with us, she was so thrilled.  In fact, she mostly thought it was a hat, until we put it on the potty. 

Once she got home from Grandma's we had a quick dinner and McKinley, Elliott's BFF came by for a visit.  Her and Elliott had to try out Elliott's new slide and basketball hoop.  They both loved it!  Dad had to leave for YM, so E and I hung out and played with her new dollhouse.

Sunday was the Quincy/Noorda Birthday celebration and we had so much fun!  Grandma Chris knows Elliott so well.  She got her a Buzz and Woody, and Elliott hasn't stopped carrying them around since.  She LOVES them!  Good job Grandma!

Josh took Elliott to the Dr on Friday for her 2 year check up.  She is 23 pounds and is in the 60% in height.  Still trending well, so no worries.  When the Dr checked her ears, he noticed they were infected.  What??  She hasn't acted sick at all!  A runny nose here and there, but no fever.  So, we
are on the pink antibiotics, hoping it clears up soon. 

It has been so cold and snowy here!  Thursday night we got close to 14 inches of snow!  We couldn't believe it!  Since it has been cold and miserable, and I hate it! :) 


  1. wow! That is a lot of snow! Elliott is the so much fun! I can't imagine life without her!

  2. IMO - don't use antibx if there aren't even symptoms. Believe it or not most ear infections will clear up on their own. Anyway, if it helps we are in the 60's all week. You can always come live here for the winter. Heck just move here.